Open positions

Open positions

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A position of Technician is open

in the Ilya Vinnikov’s lab of the School of Life Science and Biotechnology, Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Description of the post:

  • Full time position for a period of at least 2 years according to a contract (the conditions are negotiable)
  • Main duties:
    • preparation of solutions
    • genotyping (ear punching, DNA isolation, PCR, electrophoresis)
    • mouse handling, animal colony management
    • lab administration
  • Additional/Optional duties:
    • cell culture
    • vibratome-/microtome-/cryosectioning
    • immunofluorescence/immunohistochemistry


  • Bachelor degree or above
  • Basic knowledge in biology (experience in techniques is an asset)
  • Is open, active, accurate and motivated

Intersted candidates are welcome to submit:

  • A letter of interest
  • CV

to Ilya Vinnikov @ or Lai Qingxuan @

Lab profile can be found at



上海交通大学生命科学技术学院Ilya Vinnikov实验室现招聘技术员


  • 两年及以上全职工作(劳动合同制,工作岗位具有绩效奖励,具体待遇面议)
  • 主要职责:
    • 准备实验试剂
    • 基因型鉴定(打耳号,DNA提取,PCR,凝胶电泳)
    • 实验小鼠管理以及动物克隆管理
    • 实验室日常管理
  • 其他职责:
    • 细胞培养
    • 制备振动切片/显微镜用薄片/冰冻切片
    • 免疫荧光/免疫组化


  • 具有本科及以上学历
  • 具有生物学基础知识(有技术经验者优先)
  • 具有开放、主动、严谨、积极的工作态度及良好的执行能力


  • 意向书
  • 个人简历

联系人:    来庆璇, Ilya Vinnikov
电话:    021-34204588
E-mail:    @, @