The first PhD defense in our lab: congratulations to Yuan Ma!

The first PhD defense in our lab: congratulations to Yuan Ma!

Congratulations, Yuan Ma!
The first PhD graduation in ivLAB took place online on the 6th of May.

#congratulations Yuan Ma! Impressive presentation. Thanks to #professor who served in the defense commitee: Zhongdong Qiao, Zhe Huang, Yongchun Zhang from @sjtu1896 as well as Hui Yang from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Xinran Ma from @ECNUER. Thanks to Yun Xie for organization of this event!

Brilliant presentation!

On behalf of all present and past labmates, I thank Yuan Ma for being a key researcher in ivLAB for all the last years and wish him success in his future career.

I hope we will have many inspiring moments to share together.

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Working hard is not necessarily being productive.

You need to say NO to be able to focus on what is most worthy of your time.

Do what matters.
Do what drives progress.
Do what reflects your priorities and serves the common good.

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🤔Does anybody understand why oh why this stupid PI still has not answered? 😜

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