Are you a scientist? Are you just interested in what is going on in the world of real research? If you don’t want to miss anything in the topic you follow, we prepared a solution: a graphical abstract-oriented tool to keep the hand on the pulse of the world research.

AllPapers: a graphical abstract-centered tool to stay up to date with  scientific literature

Keeping up-to-date with the research literature is not easy. Nowadays, papers in your field are being published faster than you’ll ever be able to read them. Dealing with and filtering tens of publications per day takes time and power. AllPapers will organize your daily personal feed with your favourite journals. Everyday, easy, thorough. You won’t miss anything anymore. Not only can you save your bookmarked publications, send them via e-mail, open full text… Our main advantage is time saving. We organized the feed so that it is built around graphics. You just scroll down graphical abstracts one by one, marking those which are potentially relevant for you. Do you know the feeling that your eyes may catch the relevance from the graphics before you can read the text? Check out our app. We are constantly improving its functions based on the feedback of users like you. This is a program designed by researchers for researchers.

Never miss a critical publication. AllPapers, your time saver.


Direct link to one of the previous versions: 20210628



Credit to our leading software and hardware developer, Ruslan Konovalov. @ 

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